The Ohio Trike Crew has been the true pioneer in the resurrection of 3 wheeler racing thoughout the country. Since the 80's ban, we were first to race in quad classes, first to have 3 wheeler classes, first to have race series, first to become sanctioned, first to race at an AMA event, and first to race in a national event, and as a result, trikers are pushing for 3 wheeler classes in race events throughout the country! This is the only organization of it's kind in the world.
  We are always looking for more riders who have the ability to race sober, comply with all promoter's rules, maintain sportsmanship, safety, and a positive image, and have a good time, regardless of ending race position, and all in a family atmosphere. Racers of all ages and skill levels are invited to come and be a part of it!

Once you make it to the starting gate, there's nothing left to prove!
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Pine Lake - Ashtabula, Ohio 2012
Smith Road Raceway, Medina, Ohio 2011
Cycles R Us
2012 OTC Grand Champion Series
1st Sam Harkabusic
2nd Mark Dalziel
3rd Louis Mielke
4th Tim Stefanko, Sr.
5th Tim Stefanko, Jr.
Cycles R Us
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2012 CRA Motocross Champions
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